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Fashion Salad is a fashion blog

The Fashion Salad blog actually has a bit of a mixed history.  The blog has evolved over several years and has possibly manifested into one of it's final forms.  Sure, it will keep improving, but hopefully the format is now down to a science.

The concept behind our blog is to be a mix of everything fashion - a blog where you can toss ideas about fashion models, textiles, magazines, designers, fashion week and more!  We will touch on virtually every aspect of clothing, style, and the industry behind making these things transpire.

Visit the new FASHION SALAD at https://www.fashionsalad.com


History of the Fashion Salad Website

Fabric Swatch Image for Apparel SearchApparel Search had experienced what seemed like endless spam and system problems on our original blog. After a long period of frustration, it was decided to dismantle our existing blog.

Shortly after we were approached by the clever and fashion savvy owner of a website called The It List.  It was decided that we would work together on a new blog called the Fashion Salad.  We launched a community fashion blog that many bloggers could be a part of.  The system would allow for multiple authors to submit news about fashion.  As long as it was not blatant propaganda we were glad to help other fashion bloggers spread the word about new fashion products, sites, trends, fashion Industry discussion, review, news, and more.

Fashion Salad was a collaborative effort drawing on the creative resources between www.apparelsearch.com  and www.theitlists.com . Our team welcomed bloggers to join us in blogging about fashion in two easy ways:

1) Simply start commenting – it’s super easy! (no registration or signup needed)

2) To start your own topics and post news simply register (it’s free) and start posting. Expect a short delay on your initial topic. We manually moderate user rights so it could take 2 minutes or as long as 48 hours (depending how glued to the computer we are).

Fashion Salad is a fashion blog

Unfortunately the project did not gain enough traction and TheItLists and Apparel Search mutually decided to part ways.  Graciously TheItLists allowed Apparel Search to maintain the sites name and continue on our own.  A few year later we started to get the Fashion Salad back on track and have launched an entirely new site at the FashionSalad.com website.

If you have interest in Fashion and or an interest in blogging, you can view or post to our old Fashion Blog at http://FashionIndustryblog.blogspot.com
However, if you are smart, you will visit our new and improved blog at www.FashionSalad.com

Fashion Blog - you can find additional fashion blogs at our Fashion Blog Directory.

You can find fashion industry discussions, reviews, analysis, news, and information… Spread the word about new fashion products, sites, fashion trends, and more.

If you have interest in Fashion and or an interest in blogging, you can view or post to the Fashion Blog. 

Please keep your blogs relevant to fashion, textiles, modeling.  Basically, anything relevant to clothing or beauty.

A mix of everything fashion - a low calorie blog where you can toss ideas and fashion news about models, textiles, fashion magazines, designers, fashion week and more! Do more than comment - fashionistas can post their own topics.

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